55th Reunion
These are the classmates who attended our 55th reunion celebration.

Names are listed in alphabetical order by high school last names.

Photos were taken at the registration table by Ed Noice, Jack Quinn, and Darlene Busby Quinn's granddaughter, Jamie.
Bob & Kathryn Campbell
Dave & Katherine Alderman
Nikki (Alderson) and Norm Benson
Ann (Artman) Morales
Merideth (Green) Wiberg
Gary Ball
Joni (Balling) Rehnborg
Shari (Ballough) Penny
Gary and Sally Bane
Dianne (Barrett) Barkis
Bev "Becky" (Beckman)
and Gayne Marriner
Jean (Bixby) Smith
Barbara (Bower) Lopp
with Dona Malan
Gary and Barbara Bradley
Phyllis (Bradley) and Joe Fiore ('54)
Howard Brief and PK Jenican
Nancy (Burcombe) Lund
Jack and Darlene (Busby) Quinn
Dick and Gae Butler
Steve and Karen Callahan
Bob and Elizabeth Carmichael
Janis (Cartledge) Bazzill
Jon and Joyce (Griffith) Champeny
Judy (Cochran) Kalen
Larry Cole with
Chrissy Zimmerman
Sam Crilly
Ron and Lynn Darst
Charles Dayton
Sue Ellen (Dikeman) Holleman
Ed and Evelyn Diliberto
Terri (Enders) and Bob Baron
Linda (Farrell) Burcombe
Gary and Jo Flynn
Phyllis  (Gass) Tyler
Diane (Gordon) Felchlin
Merideth (Green) Wiberg with
Annie (Artman) Morales (left)
Carol (Gregory) Moore
Jon and Joyce (Griffith) Champeny
Elaine (Griffin) Montgomery
Bob and Karen Gulyas
Pat (Harding) and Jack Crockett
Ron and Isabel Hargreaves
Loretta (Hause) Elliott
Marty (Holmgren) Howard
Tom Hulme
Ken and Jacque Iversen
Joyce (Johnson) and Bill Johnson
Gretchen (Jones) and Bob Smith
Jim and Jo Kelsey
Gayle (Kopp) Colden
Dave Laubscher with
Jan Petrinovich
Linda (Lord) Stapleton
Dona Malan
Julieta (Marlow) Rumsey
Marleen (McCool) Mandel
Carol (McGrew) Tielsch
Margi (Mix) Gould
Nancy (Nettleman) Stimson
Margie (Nielsen) and Don Brown
Doug and Ruth Noble
Pat (Noggle) and Bill Longo
Eddie Noice
Bob and Barbara Nuckolls
Betty (Parker) and Don Donnelly
Wanda (Parrish) Black
Fay (Pearson) Dreher
LuDean (Postel) Suckow
Jack and Darlene (Busby) Quinn
Sue (Queen) Shaffer
Shirley (Quesnel) and John Nyquist
Vance Rathman
Ron Robinson
Sue Rowe
Carol (Schwenn) Hardwick
Jim and Sue Short
Nancy (Sloan) and Roman Morales
Phil and Colleen Smoot
Joe and Pat Spychaj
Joe and Gwenn Steins
Mary (Sternburg) Morgan
Dee (Stevenson) Tidwell
Danny Swanson
Marcia (Swope) and Larry Foley
Darlene (Thibault) Groff
Dick Thayer
Susanne (Toppen) Cardoza
Keith Van Holt
Garri Verbryck and Adele Pausmer
Marty Wall and sister Roberta Wall ('63)
Judy (Ware) Edson
Gail (Watkins) and Gene Cole
Vonda (Weber) Clark
Irene Wechselberg

She arrived at the banquet just after the registration closed down, so we missed her photo. If any of you took one of her, please send it to us.
Ben West with Nancy Gerrity
Loyd and Ginnie Wilcox
Retta (Wilkinson) Curl
Hal and Bev Wise
Cora (Working) and Fred Lambach
Carol (Young) and Bob Senske